Tiếu lâm: Lớp học vui nhộn English


History classes often make kids sleepy, and so it’s not surprising that they’re happy to hear that they can leave early today. The teacher announced: “Anyone who can answer my question can leave the class before the bell rings.”

It was wonderful, Dick thought, because he knew he was very intelligent and could answer his teacher brawl like an encyclopedia.

“Here we go. Who said: don’t ask what your country has done for you, ask what you have done for your country?

“JF Kennedy sir!” – a girl at the head of the table raised her hand and of course she could leisurely leave.

 Well done Allen, next sentence: Who said I had a dream…?”

 Oh, another girl stole the words first, Martin Luther King

 Irritated, Dick blurted out, When are these people going to shut up their stinking mouths?

The teacher was shocked and shouted, “Who said that?”

 Bill Clinton, sir” – Dick rejoiced – “I can go home now, can’t I?”

Tiếu lâm: Lớp học vui nhộn English
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