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While crying and crying, he ran home and told his father:

 – The teacher is going to beat me too much, dad. Every day, you would call me up and give the answer. If you deliberately choose difficult questions for me to answer, I will punish you. Today, I was punished to stand at the back of the class by holding my ear.

 Father Ty was very angry. The next day he took Ty, tunneled in to see the teacher:

 – I heard his nephew say that the teacher beat him very badly. Why do you treat my child like this?

 – I never planned to hit your son, but you see, every day I ask him to go to the answer sheet, he can’t answer even the easiest question.

 – I heard him say that he always chooses difficult sentences. Where, you give me an example to see.

 – Hey, yesterday I asked him when General Tran Hung Dao died, but he couldn’t answer.

 Father Ty thought for a moment, then replied:

 – Well, I also sympathize with you. My family is a business family, from time to time we watch the newspaper to see the news, but who reads the obituary.

Tiếu lâm: Kiểm tra bài cũ English
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