Tiếu lâm: Câu chuyện lớp học English

Class story

Dad asked me:

 – In your class, who is the laziest?

 – I don’t know dad!

 – I think you should know. Think about it, while all of you are busy doing your homework, who is looking out?

 – Teacher!

In the text lesson, the teacher is reviewing synonyms for the whole class.

 Teacher: Can you tell me what the word “iron” is called?

Student: Dear iron lady!

Ms: Very well, the word is also means ironing, for example: I am clothes means I iron clothes. Now who give other example for me.

 One student quickly raised his hand and answered:

 – Madam “My mother is a doctor” means “My mother irons the doctor”.


Tiếu lâm: Câu chuyện lớp học English
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