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Tiếu lâm: Lớp học vui nhộn English

Class History classes often make kids sleepy, and so it’s not surprising that they’re happy to hear that they can leave early today. The teacher announced: “Anyone who can answer my question can leave the class before the bell rings.” It was wonderful, Dick thought, because he knew he was very intelligent and could answer […]

Tiếu lâm: Kiểm tra bài cũ English

Check Oldest While crying and crying, he ran home and told his father:  – The teacher is going to beat me too much, dad. Every day, you would call me up and give the answer. If you deliberately choose difficult questions for me to answer, I will punish you. Today, I was punished to stand […]

Tiếu lâm: Câu chuyện lớp học English

Class story Dad asked me:  – In your class, who is the laziest?  – I don’t know dad!  – I think you should know. Think about it, while all of you are busy doing your homework, who is looking out?  – Teacher! In the text lesson, the teacher is reviewing synonyms for the whole class. […]

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